Monday, August 9, 2010

The New Moon & Thor’s Hammer

August 9, 2010 at 11:08 PM EDT the moon conjoins the sun at 17:25 Leo. The sabian symbol for the degree of the new moon is “a Chemist conducts an experiment for his students”. Dane Rudhyar’s keynote for this symbol is “in inquiring into the hidden process of nature, the human mind experiences the thrill of discovery”.1 As synchronicity would have it, this symbol is also apparent in the T-Square and Thor’s Hammer configuration in the new moon chart.

There are two major configurations in this New Moon Chart: Cardinal T-Square where Pluto is the apex and Thor’s Hammer where the New Moon is the apex. (When I refer to the New Moon throughout this article I mean both Sun & Moon in conjunction, not just the Moon).

The T-Square
Most of us are well aware of the Cardinal T-Square with Jupiter & Uranus in Aries opposing Saturn in Libra and both squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto and Uranus are collective or transpersonal planets that seek transformation through a metaphorical death and rebirth (Pluto) and awakening to the call of humanity (Uranus). The square between these planets symbolizes a challenge to create change, to become aware of the shadow material, bring it into the light where it can be integrated or transformed into something higher. Humanity is being called to rise to the challenge to quest for enlightenment into new ways to preserve the resources of our Mother Earth. Mother Earth is reacting to this with fires and heat waves, the heat waves literally forcing us inside with our air conditioners on. This is symbolic of the need for humanity to go within our psyche & our hearts to forage a connection with mother earth to inquire into the hidden process of nature and learn how we can help this planet that sustains our life.

Jupiter and Saturn are both social planets. Jupiter is conjunct Uranus and no planet is better for questing after higher knowledge or the Truth than Jupiter. Jupiter conjunct Uranus is calling us to awaken to this quest for enlightenment and transformation, to seek higher knowledge, and Jupiter’s retrograde state is telling us the quest begins as a journey inward, to peer deeply into our soul, quite the mind, and let our instincts guide us to our best path to awakening. Saturn is opposing Jupiter and Uranus in Libra and is in direct motion. Saturn is directing its energy outward. In Libra, Saturn is exalted and is therefore the strongest planet in the new moon chart. From a karmic standpoint, to the extent that have been experiencing chaos, strife, loss and fear of loss in your life, you are off balance. Reflect upon the things that are chaotic, the things that seem to be leaving your life, did you have an over abundance of what those things represent? Did you take them for granted? The opposite is what you need to cultivate to restore balance in your life. Also have you been responsible? Saturn wants us to pay our debts karmic and monetary. Have you been slow, haphazard or avoidant in their payment? How can you use exalted Saturn direct to get things in a forward motion again? Jupiter opposite Saturn is a diametrical tug of war between expansion and contraction, new beliefs based on life experience and older traditional values of society or heritage, faith and humility, optimism and realism. The square to Pluto asks if on our quest to gain control of what is collapsing are we using our power to wield over others to get our way or we are giving up and giving away our power? The lesson of the Pluto-Saturn square is to learn that power is to be assumed not wielded or given away. Saturn in Libra disposits Pluto in Capricorn and this is the challenge to restore diplomatic and harmonious relations with the authority or its symbol that has nit-picked you to death while in Virgo. It also challenges us not to be wasteful in the use of our resources.

Two personal planets, Mars and Venus, join the T-Square at the Saturn leg in Libra. Both are also direct. Mars is the planet of action, assertion, anger, war, physical competition, raw instinctual energy, adrenalin, it is fiery by nature and in detriment in Libra, an air sign that is seeks to harmonize with others and has a diplomatic energy. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, money, possessions, values, material security, art, nature, and being earthy she loves to revel in the pleasure of the physical senses. She is in domicile in Libra and therefore also a very strong player in this new moon chart. However she is besieged by Saturn and Mars, yet she disposits them both. In fact she is the final dispositor of this chart. (The Sun-Moon are disposited by the Sun, ready to kick in as the apex of Thor’s Hammer). Flanked by Saturn & Mars, Venus must work to take responsible action to find the beauty of life again, to clear the air around us, and opposing Jupiter & Uranus it will be on a whole new level of attunement to something higher than just the visible mundane. The fact that two personal planets have joined the T-square indicates the personal calling of this new moon. It is no longer just a collective and social issue. It is personal now. We must take up the call to awaken to possibilities, to understand what needs to be eliminated in our life (we’ll know because it is the stuff that is not working, that is holding us back, or causing chaos) so we can make room to let new things come in to our life. Active meditation in nature may be a very good way to awaken to the hidden powers of nature and understand the state of natural harmony.

With all planets in the T-square in cardinal signs in the new moon chart, it is time to set the intention to restore balance to your outer life, by going inward to seek the ways to do so and taking action to manifest this balance in your life and with those around you. Basically it is time to get off your duff and take responsibility for your own life, to take action to create the life you want on your true path and to discover what that true path is. The thrill of discovery awaits you, nature calls you to attune to it, take that attuned state of consciousness within and become the change you seek in the world, as you become a more enlightened being.

Thor’s Hammer
Thor’s Hammer is an 8th harmonic configuration where two or more planets in square to each other form a sesquaquadrate aspect (135 degrees) to another. It is sometimes called God’s Fist or Arrow. In this chart the Sun-Moon conjunction is the apex that is in sesquaquadrate to Pluto and to the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. This is a very powerful new moon! The T-Square is activated by the New Moon. The Sun in Leo is in domicile so it is also a very strong and it disposits the Moon.

To understand Thor’s Hammer, since there are no co-incidences and things are called what they are for a reason even if mythical or metaphorical, we must know a bit about Thor and his Hammer and Norse Mythology. Thor is the son of Odin and Frigg. Odin is the head god of Norse Mythology, he is both a god of war and poetry and he created the Ogham alphabet. Frigg is the mother goddess who knows everyone fate but won’t reveal it. Thor is the God of Thunder. He’s second in charge, the strongest god. Thor’s Hammer creates thunder and lightning and is therefore associated with rain and the abundance of crops. He also uses his hammer to protect Asgard (the realm of the Gods) and Midgard (middle earth, realm of humans) from the evil giants. If you cast runes you are familiar with these and other worlds of Yggdasil from this mythology.

So we can take a portion of the meaning of this configuration from the mythology and find it has to do with abundance though not without weathering a few storms to get it, and protection from that which manifests as evil giants. We must also take meaning from the aspects and the 4th and 8th harmonic aspects resonate with the moon phases. The conjunction is the new moon, the opposition of the sun and moon is the full moon. The sesquaquadrate aspects are the gibbous and disseminating phases, the round bulging mood that either is on its way to full or is jut leaving full. In this particular configuration, Pluto is the opening, waxing sesquaquadrate similar to the gibbous moon and Jupiter-Uranus are the closing, waning sesquadquadrate similar to the disseminating moon.

The sesquaquadrate from New Moon to Pluto is about ripening of the fruit, the yield of the full moon is coming to be expected, there is excitement of the abundance that is to come but there is also a struggle to preserve it. It indicates intense productivity, where perseverance and flexibility are needed. This is telling us that we have some Pluto work to do during this lunation cycle; and that we must press on and persevere as we continue to cultivate our intention, being flexible and open to transformation and change for this is a personal growth aspect. In the waxing sesquaquadrate there is an inherent need to contribute to society, to clarify social issues, and the association of ideas that create revelations, illuminations or awakenings.

The sesquaquadrate from New Moon to sesquaquadrate from New Moon to is the closing, waning sesquaquadrate similar to the disseminating moon. Just like it implies, this aspect is about sharing what you’ve learned. The yield of the full moon has already occurred and you are sharing with friends, disseminating your knowledge. Linking with others who have similar experiences is inherent in this aspect as it seeks to take the realized capacities of the waxing aspect to a larger frame of reference to better understand what has been revealed. This is perfect for Uranus and Jupiter to undertake: Uranus promoting awakenings at a larger level of humanity, globally, and Jupiter philosophizing with others as to the meaning of it all and where to go from here.

Aside from the Thor’s Hammer configuration, the New Moon is in semi-square (45 degrees) to Saturn and Venus it is a bit wide to Mars in my book, but Mars does carry through by association with it’s conjunction to Saturn and Venus. To me, this semi-square is reminding us of the ways of our ancestors, of living in harmony with the earth. To remember that Earth does not belong to Man. Man belongs to Earth.

The times they are a changing and I think this New Moon carries with it the potential to awaken a critical mass. Forward this to anyone you think is ready to awaken. Let’s all set the intention to awaken at this very powerful new moon in creative Leo.

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