Friday, October 22, 2010

Chilean Miners Ordeal

Yeah I know this is a long one, but this isn't just about the collapse and rescue. It is an astrological unfolding of the highlights of the whole ordeal along the way. I had to break this into 2 parts. Part 1 takes up to the mini projector they lowered so the miners could watch a football game. Part 2 will pick up with the unfolding of the rescue in a new blog.

Part 1 link to You Tube

Part 2 link to You Tube

It is interesting to note that the transit nodes were squaring Chile's progressed Venus when the mine collapsed. When the miners were rescued, transit Venus was conjunct Chile's south node. Venus is important in this chart as you will see.

I use a solar whole sign system when I don't have an accurate birth time. This puts 0 degrees of the Sun's sign as the first house cusp. I find it to make more sense than simply putting the Sun at the Ascendant or using an arbitrary noon time and not being able to pay attention to houses at all. This chart does make sense for Chile, since the Sun & Venus ruling gold and copper are in the first house and Pluto & Saturn ruling mines and mining engineers are in the second house of material resources and money. Now according to Rex Bill's Rulership Book, the 4th house rules mining disasters. This has Taurus on the cusp making Venus the ruler of the 4th. With the prominence of Venus throughout this ordeal, I think you'll agree that the whole sign solar houses definitely work in this case.

Also pay attention to the square between Uranus-Neptune and Chiron-Pluto in Chile's chart. The transit moon makes a T-Square at some key times along the way when things are being done to comfort the miners while they are stuck down in the mine. Also progressed Venus-Mars make a T-Square out of that with a 2 degree orb (at one point near the end of pt 2 I say transit Venus-Mars when I mean progressed, so please excuse that). Basically that was lying in wait for a couple years until the transit T-Sq of Saturn-Pluto-Uranus came along to set it up with Chile's Jupiter ruling the 11th and 2nd. Then to watch the faster planets time that set up is incredible. Anyway, as usual the astrology above mirroring the event below is as cool and mind-blowing to me as always. I hope I never cease to be awed and amazed with astrology.

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P.S. If you want to make whole sign solar houses in your software, choose whole sign houses. Then notice what house the Sun lands in (for instance a Noon chart for Chile had the Sun in the 10th). Then you go into your settings and rotate the house cusps so the 10th house cusp (or where ever the Sun is) is on the Ascendant. It will be O degrees because you put it in whole sign first. This is a trick I learned from Pam Gallagher, a rep for Cosmic Patterns. Thanks Pam! :)

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